The Gujarati Association, Wolverhampton

The Gujarati Association, Wolverhampton

Mander Street, Wolverhampton, WV3 0JZ

Registered Charity: 700625

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Yoga Class Valentina

Sunday is run by Valentina and focuses on vinyasa flow / ashtanga, average 25 per class. The health benefits are great. An amazing class, great atmosphere and a great class to break a sweat! 

Class is free of charge

Every Sunday morning from 10.45am – 12.15pm

The class take place in our GA Hall

For more information contact Rajni Patel: 07572143862

Valentina is from Italy and studied psychology in Turin. She had experience working in different fields with children and adults struggling with mental health in different countries (Italy, Portugal and England).She has always been interested in human behaviours and how to promote health and wellbeing. She arrived in Wolverhampton in 2016 through the European Voluntary Service Organisation who introduced her to the Haven Centre in Wolverhampton.
She worked at the Haven Centre for 18 months. Haven is a charity that support women and dependent who are vulnerable to domestic violence,  homelessness and abuse. While working at Haven Centre she discovered IGO YOGA STUDIO and fell in love with yoga and started to practice almost every day. She went to India in January 2019 to train and get qualified to teach yoga.
In April 2016 she was invited to start teaching yoga to the wonderful Guajarati Community. For this she is forever grateful to be given her first chance.
Follow her on special media:
Valentina Lia Yoga on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
Think she was destined to teach the Gujarati Community, check out the colours of flags on India and Italy.

Meet the Team

Valentina Lia