The Gujarati Association, Wolverhampton

The Gujarati Association, Wolverhampton

Mander Street, Wolverhampton, WV3 0JZ

Registered Charity: 700625

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Committee 2021/2022

It comes with great pleasure to announce our new committee for 2021/2022. The voting took place at our AGM on Sunday 24th October 2021, we welcome the committee for a year of new projects, achievements and community cohesion. 

Jai Shree Krishna and Jai Ambe Maa

Executive Committee

President: Fatehbhai B Patel

Vice President: Nareshbhai P Patel 

Secretary: Suneetaben N Patel

Assistant Secretary: Anilbhai R Patel


Assistant Treasurer: Nileshbhai Patel 

Holding Trustees

Jaswantbhai Patel

Kaushikbhai Patel

Kirtiben Patel

Mineshbhai Patel

Pratickbhai Patel

Committee Members 

Balwantbhai (Bully) B Patel

Bharatbhai Mistry 

Champaben C Patel 

Dharmendrabhai (Munna) R Patel 

Hiranbhai F Patel 

Induben R Patel 


Jaybhai S Parekh

Jayeshbhai R Patel 

Jayantibhai C Patel 

Kamlaben J Patel 

Pankajbhai (Panky) R Patel

Snehlataben (Snelly) D Patel